Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Destroy a Ouija Board and Ouija Board Protection Prayer

How to Destroy a Ouija Board:
How do I destroy my Ouija board seems to be a common question asked by those who have dared to dabble with the devils Oracle itself. Whilst at first the rules may seem simple, light a few candles, turn the lights out, you and your friends all place your fingers against the planchette, and then the asking of questions.
But behind the naivety that most of us mere mortals display with regards to the inner workings of the Ouija board, lies a world of complicated rituals put in place in order to contain the spirits or demons, and to prevent leakage into our realm.
These archaic rituals are unknown to most, and ignored by others so that it is not surprising that many of those who are either brave enough or stupid enough to play with the Ouija board have problems. But how do you destroy a Ouija board?
It’s all gone tits up; you’re getting tired of rolling around on the ceiling puking up green gunk and having your head rotate 360 degrees every time you have friends around for dinner. ‘Pazuzu’ Demon of the South-Western winds and the bringer of pestilence has out-stayed his welcome, and you need all of this evil shit you’ve unleashed to be gone.

So what’s the best way to destroy a Ouija board? The most obvious path to choose is to simply throw your Ouija board away, wrap it in a bin liner and chuck it out with the trash. However many Ouija board users have found this to be extremely ineffective, with the Ouija board returning mysteriously time and time again. Ouija boards have been taken to local dumps and tossed out of car windows, and yet, if you believe the stories, they nearly always return to their owner’s home.
Another common means by which troubled Ouija board users attempt to destroy their Ouija boards is through burning them. The setting fire to of a Ouija board as an acceptable means of destroying it is a much debated issue within the paranormal forums, some claim this to be an effective method, others suggest that this should only be performed far away from the users place of residence to avoid the spirits that were contained within the board escaping into the home, and others still advise that the Ouija board should never ever be set alight, as doing so under any circumstance will result in bad things occurring.
Some say that if a Ouija board is not ‘exited’ or ‘closed’ properly after a session then the spirit remains trapped inside the board, if the Ouija is then later burnt it will start screaming and the spirit will be released, and then after 48 hours the entity will come looking for you.
One of the most highly regarded methods for disposing of a Ouija board is to cut the Ouija board into seven pieces and to bury the pieces in the ground, and a more elaborate version of the same method tells how you should cut the Ouija board into seven pieces, and bury those pieces in seven different holes shaped as a pentagram, each hole should then be blessed with holy water, and then filled in.
A less spiritual but supposedly effective means of Ouija board disposal involves simply selling your Ouija board on an auction site like eBay. Ship it to the other end of the world, and hopefully the Ouija board happy with its new owner, will leave you alone.

Ouija Board Protection Prayer:

Ouija Board Protection Prayer:
Some Ouija board users choose to say a prayer of protection before using a Ouija board in order to protect themselves from negative energies.
An example of a commonly used Ouija board prayer of protection:
"I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Any spirits who come through who are NOT for my highest good are to be absorbed into the white light of protection, harming none."


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  1. i hope this shit works cause wen i first got the board i played a few times n the board apparently said it wanted to kill me anyway i didnt bother with it so couple days after i had a motocross race n i got a first and a third did good and wen i explained it to my fren he said the board brings luck at first then bad luck after a few weeks ago i had totaled my range rover n now half of my family isnt even talking to me well let me cross my fingers and hope for the best!